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Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System


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Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System
Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System

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Product Details

The features of the Arccos 360 Performance Tracking System include:

  • Low-profile 360 sensors are 50% smaller and lighter than the original Arccos sensors
  • New shot detection algorithm improves accuracy and ease of use
  • Shots are recorded with zero interruptions and brought to life by bird's-eye visuals overlaid on GPS imagery
  • Live tracking means data is analyzed in real time to enhance on-course decision-making
  • GPS 2.0 provides hands-free mapping and precise approach distances to the front, middle, and back of each green for 40,000+ courses worldwide
  • Tour Analytics Platform interprets your stats, breaking down handicap, strengths and weaknesses
  • Data includes separate handicaps for driving, putting, etc.; percentage breakdowns for birdies, pars, etc.; greens in regulation; and much more
  • Power-saving mode dramatically reduces battery drain and eliminates data roaming during international travel
  • Battery is certified for five years without charging

The systems works by:

  • Virtually weightless sensor screws into the pre-existing hole of the club's grip and tracks each shot
  • Free Arccos app automatically captures round after round of critical data for your game
  • Each shot is recorded live and instantly saved to the cloud for review

What is included in each Arccos 360 Pack:

  • 14 ultralight sensors (13 standard, 1 putter)
  • Starter guide
  • Access to free iOS and Android apps

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