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B330RXS 2016


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B330RXS 2016
B330RXS 2016 B330RXS 2016

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Product Details

The Bridgestone Tour B330RXS 2016 Golf Ball has been engineered with information gathered from more than 300,000 ball fittings, to improve performance for amateur golfers with swing speeds under 105mph who are looking for maximum spin and greenside control.

The new Tour B330RXS ball features a firmer AMATOURcore which is designed to maximise compression to help increase ball speed for longer distance.  The newly formulated SlipRes cover is the highest performing cover that Bridgestone has ever produced.  It has the highest friction coefficient rating possible and provides maximum greenside spin with lower spin off the driver.  The SlipRes cover also delivers a self-repairing cover for longer playability.

Bridgestone's Seamless Cover Technology and Dual Dimple technology carry over from the previous model to provide for the best ball flight performance in all weather conditions.

The features of the Tour B330RXS 2016 Golf Ball from Bridgestone include:

  • Engineered for amateur players with less than 105mph driver swing speed who are looking for increased spin and greenside control
  • Lower compression AMATOURcore helps to increase ball speed for more distance
  • SlipRes cover has the highest friction coefficient rating for increased spin on approach shots and less on the driver.
  • SlipRes cover self-repairs for longer playability
  • Seamless Cover Technology and Dual Dimple Technology improves ball flight in all weather conditions

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