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Big Bertha OS Hybrid


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Big Bertha OS Hybrid
Big Bertha OS Hybrid Big Bertha OS Hybrid Big Bertha OS Hybrid Big Bertha OS Hybrid

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Product Details

The Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids are designed for super-charged distance and ultimate forgiveness, with a deeper body, larger and faster face, and next-generation Face Cup technology.

The Big Bertha OS Hybrids feature a larger face profile than the previous Big Bertha Hybrid which has been energised by Callaway's next generation Hyper Speed Face Cup.  The larger design and face technology helps to promote more ball speeds for shots hit from the middle of the club as well as miss-hits that are away from the center.

A larger head profile allows for the CG of the Big Bertha OS Hybrids to be moved back and deep in the head.  This makes these hybrids more forgiving and easier to launch high in the air for more carry and distance.

With input from aerodynamic experts, Callaway's Speed Step technology helps to improve airflow around the clubhead during the swing.  This makes it easier to swing the club quicker into impact resulting in more ball speed and extra distance.

The features of the Big Bertha OS Hybrids include:

  • Larger face profile
  • Next generation Hyper Speed Face Cup
  • Larger head profile allowing for a lower and further back CG location
  • Speed Step technology improves air flow around the head making the club easier to swing

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