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Launcher CBX Irons


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Launcher CBX Irons
Launcher CBX Irons Launcher CBX Irons Launcher CBX Irons Launcher CBX Irons Launcher CBX Irons

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Product Details

The new Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons feature a cup face design, V-shaped Sole and Tour Zip Grooves to deliver maximum distance with wedge like accuracy. Large-easy-to-hit long irons transition to compact, easy to control short irons, helping you get closer from anywhere on the course. The new CBX Irons contain a wide range of new technologies to increase ball speed and accuracy:

  • Laser Milling: Roughens the face, which increases friction and enhances spin for wedge like control.
  • Tour Zip Grooves: Channel Debris away from the ball to ensure consistent spin from the fairway, rough and sand.
  • Progressive Shaping: Launcher CBX Long Irons use a thicker top line and low profile to give maximum distance, while short irons use a compact shape and thin top line to provide more control.
  • Launcher Cup face: Added high strength steel and thinner face to increase ball speed and distance.
  • Progressive V Sole Grinds: The V Shape lets you cut through the turf with minimal loss of speed for better contact and distance control.

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