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Launcher HB Irons


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Launcher HB Irons
Launcher HB Irons Launcher HB Irons Launcher HB Irons Launcher HB Irons Launcher HB Irons Launcher HB Irons

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Product Details

The new Cleveland Launcher HB Irons bring the forgiveness and trajectory of hybrids, all the way through your irons. The Launcher HB Irons contain a range of new technologies to allow the aspirational golfer hit longer, straighter and higher, such as:

  • Hollow Construction: Fully hollow design provides additional forgiveness due to added stability beyond any other cavity iron.
  • HiBore Crown: Moves the centre of gravity lower and deeper, providing high launch and soft landing on greens.
  • High strength steel insert: The high strength steel insert is ultra-thin, providing increased ball speed, delivering more distance.
  • Internal ribs: Improve feel and provide a satisfying sound upon impact.
  • Progressive shaping: Hybrid-like long irons provide all the distance and forgiveness found in hybrid designs for lower lofted clubs.

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