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Coaster Quad Brake


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Coaster Quad Brake
Coaster Quad Brake Coaster Quad Brake

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Product Details

Tame the terrain with the MGI Coaster Quad Brake thanks to the controlled downhill speed braking system and Electronic Park Brake. A must for moderate to hilly courses, the Coaster Quad Brake features the new Electronic Park Brake. Play on any steep incline and at the press of a button activate the Electronic Park brake for an absolute stop on any terrain. The Coaster Quad conveniently stops on command using the control distance function which can be set 5 to 60 metres and will stop at your desired distance. All this along with automatic Downhill Speed Control. True control and power is in your hands with the MGI Coaster Quad brake.

Course Suggestion: Moderately to Hilly courses

Signature Features:

  • Electronic Park Brake (EPB)
  • Downhill Speed Control
  • Differential Gearbox
  • Controlled Distance Function

Performance Features:

Frame Features

  • Compact, one piece frame
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Adjustable upper bag support with straps
  • Universal battery tray
  • Built in lower carry strap

Electronic & Mechanical Features

  •  Whisper quiet, single 230w Motor
  • Differential gearbox system
  • 12v Electrical System
  • Variable Speed control with on/off
  • Colour Display with speed setting & battery level

Wheel features

  • Four wheel stability
  • Two Front Wheels – Quick release swivel & lockable with suspension
  • Two Rear Wheels – Quick release

Top Handle Features

  • Ergonomic round handle
  • Premium Soft rubber grip
  • Integrated solar charger* compartment
  • GPS holder with inbuilt solar recharging cable & storage
  • Scorecard holder with clip

Included Accessories:

  •  Padded Seat with storage
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Sand bucket loop

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