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GT180 Fairway


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GT180 Fairway
GT180 Fairway

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Product Details

The features of the Mizuno GT180 Fairway include:

Amplified First Wave:

  • Pushes weight low and forward for a flatter trajectory, in addition to creating more ball speed

Faster 1770 Maraging Steel Face:

  • A thinner, more responsive face for increased ball speeds

17 Grams of Sliding Weight:

  • Creates a wider potential span of spin rates to fine tune your ball flight

Efficient Low Spin Design:

  • An Internal Waffle Crown saves weight to be reallocated low and forward

New Shaft Options:

  • An expanded line of high-end shafts fitted without additional charge including Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue and Tensei CK White

Quick Switch Adjustable Hosel:

  • Allows 4 degrees of loft adjsutment and 3 degrees of lie adjustment to match your unique launch and visual preference

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