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MP-S 2015


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MP-S 2015
MP-S 2015 MP-S 2015 MP-S 2015

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Product Details

The Mizuno MP-S 2015 Ball is Mizuno's softest, most responsive ball.

It is a premium end ball that is designed for medium to high swing speed golfers who want a little more spin to help their ball flight and give better responsiveness in and around the greens.

The features of the MP-S 2015 Ball include:

  • Refined urethane cover - this has been reduced to 0.5mm in thickness to allow the core to be increased which in turn provides a higher initial velocity
  • 330 Dimple pattern - this dimple pattern has been configured to provide the most stable ball flight
  • 3 Piece construction - this is utilised to provide maximum responsiveness at higher swing speeds

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