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ST180 Fairway


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ST180 Fairway
ST180 Fairway ST180 Fairway

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Product Details

The new Mizuno ST180 Fairway delivers low spin rates and even higher ball speed for even the fastest swingers of the driver. Mizuno’s Wave sole in the new ST180 fairway commits every available gram of weight low, towards the face – dropping spin rates for even the fastest, downward ball strikers.  Our first Wave sole in a fairway wood also allows the ST180 to contract and expand on impact – increasing energy imparted to the ball.  With a new Forged SP700 Ti Face the GT180 accelerates ball speeds noticeably past is predecessors.

The features of the ST180 Fairway include:

  • Amplified Wave Sole: Originally engineered in our fairway woods, the Shockwave Sole contracts and expands on for elevated ball speed, while pushing weight forward for vastly reduced spin rates.
  • Efficient low spin design: An Internal Waffle Crown saves weight to be reallocated low and forward.
  • Forged SP700 Ti Face: Allows a precise multi-thickness face for accelerated ball speeds.

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