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DLX 2017 Cart Bag

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DLX 2017 Cart Bag
DLX 2017 Cart Bag DLX 2017 Cart Bag

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Product Details

The PING DLX 2017 Cart Bag offers broad appeal with its Staff Bag styling and fabric through to its great range of features and pockets.

The top of the DLX 2017 Cart Bag is 15-way mesh covered with "soft-touch" lift handles for easy use.  A specific rubberized putter well fits most oversize grips.  The bag fabric is a durable polyurethane material whilst the base is rubberized with a cross-design bottom that will fit securely onto most carts.  A cart strap channel also helps to secure the bag to any carts or buggies.

The DLX 2017 Cart Bag features 14 assorted pockets of which there are 2 x large apparel pockets, a range finder pocket and an insulated beverage pocket.  A new feature is 2 deployable shoe pouches which sit on the back of the bag and make for changing and stowing shoes more convenient.

The features of the Ping DLX 2017 Cart Bag include:

  • 15-way mesh covered top
  • "Soft Touch" lift handles
  • Rubberized putter well
  • Cart strap channel
  • Durable polyurethane bag material
  • Rubberized  base with cross-design bottom to fit most carts
  • 14 assorted pockets
  • 2 x large apparel pockets
  • Range finder pocket
  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • 2 x deployable shoe pouches
  • Umbrella Slot
  • Rain Hood

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