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G Le Hybrid

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G Le Hybrid
G Le Hybrid

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Product Details

The Ping G Le Hyrbids are only able to be purchased in-store.

The Ping G Le Hybrids feature lightweight components, faster faces, and a lower overall system mass generate greater distance with improved accuracy.

The G Le Hybrids are inspired by the top selling G Hybrid.  They feature a thinner, faster CarTech 455 steel face to help increase ball speed and distance.

A lighter swingweight is used in the G Le hybrids to make it easier to square the face.  Forgiveness has been enhanced in the clubhead to improve accuracy and performance on off-center strikes.

The features of the G Le Hybrid include:

  • Lightweight componenets
  • Thinner, faster CarTech 455 steel face
  • Lighter swingweight makes it easier to square the face
  • Increased clubhead forgiveness for imrpoved accuracy and performance

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