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G400 Crossover

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G400 Crossover
G400 Crossover G400 Crossover G400 Crossover

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Product Details

The Ping G400 Crossover provides the precision, workability and control of an iron combined with the ball speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.  The G400 Crossover is a high-performance and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels.

The features of the G400 Crossover include:

  • Maraging Steel Face - One of strongest and most flexible alloys in the world, maraging steel is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher and straighter.
  • Tungsten Toe Weight - A 20gram tungsten toe weight increases forgiveness resulting in 17% tighter dispersion
  • Thinner, Hybrid Style Sole - More consistent turf interaction
  • Iron-like Gearing - Forward CG placement creates 45% less shot bend and 40% more spin, giving golfers more contraol and predictability.
  • Hydropearl Chrome Finish - 40% less friction, improves launch/spin in wet conditions and rough.
  • Colour Shift Shaft Paint Technology - The premium copper shaft paint transitions to black as you address the ball. The counter-balance design of the Alta CB allows for more mass in head to increase energy transfer.

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