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Glide Wedge

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Glide Wedge
Glide Wedge Glide Wedge Glide Wedge

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Product Details

The Glide series wedges from Ping are in their words "Hands Down" the best wedges they have ever done.  They are designed to maximise short game performance by increasing spin and consistency of approach shots.

The features of the Glide Wedges include:

Moisture Repelling Finish:
The heads are constructed from 431 Stainless Steel and are chrome plated.  A special finish is put onto the wedges which helps to repel moisture which creates more friction and as a result more consistent spin in wet conditions and lies in the rough

Fitting By Sole:
Three sole configurations are offered in the range (loft dependant).  These different soles allow golfers to choose the wedge that best suits them according to their angle of attack into the ball and the type of turf conditions they generally play.  The three configurations are - Standard Sole, Wide Sole and Thin Sole.  The Standard sole is suitable to moderate attack angles and divots and are good for players playing in a wide variety of turf and bunker conditions.  The Wide sole is suitable for golfers with a steep angle of attack who tend to take big divots, or who play courses with soft bunkers and turf conditions.  The Thin sole is suitable for golfers with a shallow attack angle who do not take big divots, or who play courses with firm sand and turf conditions.  The Thin sole offers the most versatility for different chip shots.

Loft Optimised Gorge Grooves:
The radius and sidewall angles are varied by loft to ensure the highest spin possible.  Lofts 47* - 54* use a steeper narrower groove for the best performance on full shots.  Lofts 56* - 60* have a wider groove to help grab and compress the ball on short approach shots and chips around the green.

Dyla-Wedge Grip:
The Dyla-Wedge grip is 3/4" longer than Ping's standard grips.  This helps to encourage gripping down which should help with control.  Grip down markings are provided on the grip to help.  A softer tapering profile helps with feel.

CFS Wedge Shaft:
This 118gram proprietary shaft is heavier than Ping's standard CFS shafts and helps to promote a lower launch with enhance control, feel and stability.  

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