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i200 Iron

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i200 Iron
i200 Iron i200 Iron i200 Iron

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Product Details

The Ping i200 Irons are only able to be purchased in-store. 

The Ping i200 Irons features High-launching, distance-generating long irons and compact, precise short irons to give you full command of your shot making with unprecedented feel and forgiveness.

The i200 Irons are constructed from soft 431 stainless steel and have a machined back cavity.  The heads feature a hydropearl chrome finish which helps to repel moisture for better surface interaction and more spin.

A muscle-stabilising bar and a deeper, longer tuning port combine with a thin, fast face to generate distance and precision.  A concealed soft elastomer insert in the i200 activates at impact to provide instant vibration dampening and unparalled feel.

The i200 Irons feature added bounce and a more contoured leading edge to create a sole profile that helps the club to glide smoothly through the turf.  A variety of stock and aftermarket shafts are available at no extra charge to ensure that the i200 irons perfectly match your swing and game.

The features of the i200 irons include:

  • 431 stainless steel head
  • Machined back cavity
  • Hydropear chrome finish
  • Muscle-stabilising bar
  • Deeper, longer tuning port
  • Concealed soft elastomer insert for vibration dampening at impact
  • Added bounce and a more contoured leading edge for better turf interaction
  • Variety of stock and aftermarket shafts available at no extra charge

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