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12 Inch Putting Mirror


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12 Inch Putting Mirror
12 Inch Putting Mirror

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Product Details

The SKLZ 12 Inch Putting Mirror will help improve your putting consistency and accuracy in a compact size training aid.  The mirror surface allows you to see your head and shoulder alignment when you are positioned over the ball.  Left handed or Right handed golfers can use the mirror to help guide their stroke, not matter if it is straight or arcing.

Pre-drilled holes allow tees to be used on the putting green with the mirror to act as an extra path guide, provide an exit gate and help with backstroke control.  The SKLZ 12 Inch Mirror comes with a protective carry bag to help store it in between uses.

The features of the 12 Inch Mirror are:

  • Mirror surface allows for head and shoulder alignment over the ball to be seen
  • Usable for both left handed and right handed golfers
  • Applicable for both straight and arcing strokes
  • Pre-drilled holes can be used with tees as extra path guide, exit gate and to help control backstroke length
  • Protective bag can be used for storage in between uses

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