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Grip Trainer


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Grip Trainer
Grip Trainer

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Product Details

The SKLZ Grip trainer is ideal for golfers just starting in the game, or even those who have been playing all their life but are unsure about whether they grip the club correctly.  Studies have found 80% of golfers grip the club incorrectly.

The SKLZ Grip Trainer attaches to the club easily over the existing grip allowing you to instill into your muscle memory the correct hand positioning for the grip.  It easily fits into your bag or pocket and is ideal for a range session or pre-game warm up to get the right feel.  It is built for right handed golfers only and will only fit standard size grips.

The features of the SKLZ Grip Trainer include:

  • Easily attaches to the club over the existing grip
  • Instills muscle memory of the correct hand positioning for the grip
  • Easily fits into your golf bag or pocket
  • Ideal for a range session or pre-round warm up
  • Only suits right handed golfers and fits over standard size grips

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