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Z 565 Driver

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Z 565 Driver
Z 565 Driver Z 565 Driver Z 565 Driver

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Product Details

The Srixon Z 565 Driver delivers the most advanced innovation and the best performance in a driver that promotes a higher launch, more forgiveness and a slight draw bias.

The Z 565 Driver features a new Power Wave Sole which is an advanced multi step design which allows the entire sole to flex.  This improves the COR effect at impact especially for shots hit low on the face.

To improve distance, Srixon engineers expanded the sole and crown flares of the forged 6-4 Ti cup face.  This created a 'stretched' face which gives greater shot distance for shots hit right across the face.

A new lightweight crown in the Z 565 Driver allowed for 4 grams of weight to be removed and strategically repositioned back into the head.  This weight was used to enhance the stability of the clubhead and lower spin for more distance.

The Z 565 Drivers come standard with the new Miyazaki Kaula shaft range.  These shafts are designed to increase distance by offering lighter weight profiles without sacrificing stability and bending behaviour. 

The features of the Z 565 Drivers include:

  • Power Wave Sole allows the entire sole to flex for improved COR effect
  • Sole and Crown flares of the forged 6-4 Ti Cup face have been stretched
  • Lightweight crown helps to improve stability and lower spin
  • New Miyazakia Kaula shafts as standard option

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