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Z355 Women's Hybrid


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Z355 Women's Hybrid
Z355 Women's Hybrid Z355 Women's Hybrid Z355 Women's Hybrid Z355 Women's Hybrid

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Product Details

The Srixon Z355 Women's Hybrid aims to provide increased distance in a forgiving hybrid through 'Action Mass'.  Action Mass is Srixon's engineer's using the mass of the golf club to increase the performance by using heavier head and combining it with a higher balance point shaft.  If you can swing the heavier head at the same club-head speed as a lighter head simple physics shows you will get more ball speed and subsequently more distance.

In order to help this to happen the heavier Z355 Hybrid head is combined with a higher balance point Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft.  By moving the balance point up the shaft the feel of the heavier head is reduced and the club is easier to swing.  A HT1770 Maraging Steel Face is an ultra strong metal which allows the the face to be thinned out to provide hotter longer flying shots.  A shallow profile head is used to inspire confidence at address and help get the ball in the air easier.

The features of the Z355 Hybrid include:

  • Action Mass - provides a heavier club head combined with a higher balance point shaft to create more ball speed and more distance
  • Higher balance point Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft reduces the feel of the increased weight in the head to make the club easier to swing
  • HT1770 Maraging Steel Face provides more ball speed and distance
  • Shallow profile head creates confidence at address and helps to get shots airborne

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