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Taylor Made

M2 2017 Rescue


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M2 2017 Rescue
M2 2017 Rescue M2 2017 Rescue M2 2017 Rescue

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Product Details

The Taylor Made M2 2017 Rescue features the iconic two-tone crown of the M Metalwoods Family and new innovative performance technologies which create a versatile Rescue club with exceptional sound and feel.

The sole of the M2 2017 Rescue club houses a longer, more flexible Speed Pocket, which offers speed and forgiveness on low-face strikes.

Geocoustic technology further improves the M2 Rescue’s performance through advanced geometry and sound engineering. The shaping of M2 2017 Rescue includes a two-tiered sole to promote added playability from a variety of lies. The new sole design and a short, fluted hosel also work in tandem to optimize sound and feel at impact while lowering the CG.

The M2 2017 Rescue is designed to help average golfers replace a long iron with higher, longer, and more draw-biased performance.

The features of the M2 2017 Rescue include:

  • Two-tone crown
  • Longer, mofre flexible Speed Pocket
  • Geocoustic technology
  • Two-tiered sole provides added playability
  • Short, fluted hosel
  • Draw-biased performance

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