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Taylor Made

Spider Tour Red


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Spider Tour Red
Spider Tour Red Spider Tour Red Spider Tour Red Spider Tour Red

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Product Details

Originally designed for Jason Day, the Taylor Made Spider Tour Red features an all-red body, all-black shaft, and a removed sightline for clean alignment.

The Spider Tour Red Putter features a Pure Roll insert which combines 45* grooves with a softet polymer to increase topspin and improve forward roll.  This helps your ball to start and then stay on its intended line.

The Spider Tour Red features a short flare neck hosel join to remove any visual obstructions when lining up your putts.  A Taylor Made Pistol grip will give further enhance the putters feel in your hands if you prefer a thinner grip feel.

The features of the Spider Tour Red Putter include:

  • Originally designed for Jason Day
  • All red body, black shaft and removed sightline
  • Pure Roll insert
  • Short flare neck hosel
  • Taylor Made Pistol Grip

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