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Taylor Made

Project (a) 2016


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Project (a) 2016
Project (a) 2016 Project (a) 2016

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Product Details

The Taylor Made Project (a) Ball is aimed at competitive mid handicap golfers looking for a softer feel and more spin on their approach shots without having to go up to a premium level golf ball.

A new React40 compression core provides for faster ball speed ofd the driver.  The Spin Mantle layer offers more iron distance whilst the Urethane Soft Tech cover provides the tour level spin and feel.

The features of the Project (a) Ball include:

  • Soft feel and more spin for competitive mid handicap golfers
  • React40 compression core provides faster ball speed off the driver for longer drivers
  • Spin Mantle layer offers greater iron distance
  • Urethane Soft Tech cover creates tour level spin and feel

Price is for 1 Dozen golf balls

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