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CXR Control


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CXR Control
CXR Control

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Product Details

The Callaway CXR Control Ball is a great value 3-piece ball offering fast ball speed and longer distance whilst maintaining soft feel.

A resilient mantle layer in the CXR Control Ball helps reduce driver spin and adds resiliency to create fast ball speed for long distance.

Great soft feel off the club face is created from the soft ionomer cover in the CXR COntrol Ball which offers increased spin for short game control and shot-making.

HEX Aerodynamics help to reduce drag and produce a more penetrating ball flight for more distance.

The features of the Callaway CXR Control Ball include:

  • 3-piece construction
  • Resilient mantle layer for more ball speed and distance
  • Soft ionomer cover for great feel and spin
  • HEX aerodynamics reduce drag and improve ball flight

***Price is for 1 dozen golf balls***

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