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Chrome Soft X - White

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Chrome Soft X - White
Chrome Soft X - White Chrome Soft X - White

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Product Details

Chrome Soft X Golf Balls feature Callaway's Dual SoftFast Core which elevates speed and feel for an unbeatable combination of distance, soft feel and control, along with a piercing and workable ball flight, and an advanced mantle to regulate spin.

Callaway's game-changing Dual SoftFast Core is engineered to promote faster ball speed and distance off the long clubs and more control in the short clubs.

HEX aerodynamics in the dimple pattern helps to promote longer carry and distance with a lower, piercing and workable ball flight for a Tour ball.

An advanced Tri-ionomer mantle design helps to regulate spin for each club. It promotes less spin off the long clubs for distance, and more spin off the short irons and wedges for control into the green.  An ultra-thin urethane cover combines outstanding greenside control with extraordinary feel.

The features of the Chrome Soft X include:

  • Dual FastSoft Core to provide fast ball speeds and low spin off the driver
  • Hex aerodynamics promote longer carry and distance
  • Tri-onomer mantle design to regulate spin
  • Ultra-thin urethane cover for outstanding greenside spin

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