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King F7 Fairway - Ladies


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King F7 Fairway - Ladies
King F7 Fairway - Ladies King F7 Fairway - Ladies King F7 Fairway - Ladies

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Product Details

The Cobra King F7 Fairways feature new Baffler Rail technology which use a smoother more progressive rail design to provide forgiveness from any lie.

The Baffler Rail system in the King F7 fairways use a shallower or steeper rail design depending on the club loft and angle of attack.  By varying the thickness of the rails used the F7 Fairways provide imrpoved turf interaction no matter what the lie.

A high strength Forged 475 Stainless Steel Face is stronger than previous faces which allows for extra face flexing for increased ball speeds and distance.

Adjustability is a key feature in the King F7 Fairways with adjustable weighting in the sole and an adjustable hosel as well.  The adjustable weights in the sole allow for 2 different Center of Gravity positions which can be altered with a 20 gram weight and a 2 gram weight.  Placing the 20gram weight in the rear position provides more forgiveness and a higher launching ball flight, whilst placing the weight in the front position provides more penetration for high spin or higher swing speed players.  The MyFly adjustable hosel allows for each fairway to move loft and face angle in 8 different settings.

The features of the Cobra King F7 Fairways include:

  • Baffler Rail Technology
  • Forged 475 stainless steel face
  • Adjustable weighting with 2 distinct weight positions in the sole
  • MyFly Adjustable Hosel

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