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JPX900 Fairway


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JPX900 Fairway
JPX900 Fairway JPX900 Fairway JPX900 Fairway JPX900 Fairway

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Product Details

Mizuno's JPX900 Fairway uses an expanding Shockwave Sole to produce extremely high ball speeds and a centrally located single sliding weight to help make it playable for a variety of golfers

Shockwave Sole enables the clubhead to contract and then expand on impact which creates a higher energy transfer to the ball and more ball speed.  The Shockwave sole also helps to locate a large amount of mass into the sole of the club to make the JPX900 Fairway easy to hit off the deck as well as off the tee.

A central Fast Track features a 15g weight which can be fixed at any point to help create or remove spin as well as manipulating the forgiveness in the head.  A Quick Switch hosel allows 4 degrees of loft adjustment for each fairway wood.

The internal of the crown has a waffle shaped design to maintain strenght whilst saving weight.  This weight is then re-positioned lower in the head making the JPX900 Fairway easier to launch.  To reinforce the premium nature of this fairway, the standard shaft is an authentic Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 569 or 661.

The features of the Mizuno JPX900 Fairway include:

  • Expanding Shockwave Sole for more energy transfer at impact
  • Centra Fast Track with 15g weight for spin and launch adjustment
  • Quick Switch hosel allows for 4* of loft adjustment
  • Internal Waffle Shaped Crown design
  • Authentic Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 569 or 661 Shaft

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