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Bag Boy

Deluxe Umbrella Umbrella Holder


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Deluxe Umbrella Umbrella Holder
Deluxe Umbrella Umbrella Holder

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Product Details

The Bag Boy Deluxe Umbrella Holder is ideal for any Bag Boy Buggy.  It will still work for any buggy that has round or oval tubing as it comes with an easy to install base.

The features of the Deluxe Umbrella Holder include:

  • Fully adjustable - it is easy to move left, right, backwards or forwards to get the angle of your umbrella just right
  • Adjustable internal locking block to help hold your umbrella in tight.
  • Will cater for just about any size umbrella handle
  • Clamp mechanism fits any round or oval tubing for easy installation
  • Special base for easy installsation on Bag Boy Express DLX, C3 or TriSwivel Buggies

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