F8 One Iron


The Cobra F8 One Irons feature the following:

One Length Set Makeup:

  • COBRA ONE Length™ irons are each re-engineered to match 7-iron weighting and length to deliver more consistent trajectory and distance gapping throughout the set.

VFT PWRShell Technology:

  • A thinner, forged, variable face thickness (VFT) design enhances the active SWEET ZONE™ for faster ball speeds and higher launching trajectories across all points of the face.

Carbon Feel Technology:

  • Lightweight carbon fiber medallions and inserts are strategically positioned to deliver uniform feel & dialed-in performance from your long irons to your wedges.
  • The multi-material carbon fiber construction optimizes weighting to improve CG locations and damps vibrations for exceptional sound and feel through the set.

TECFLO Progressive Set Construction:

  • A hollow design in the long irons (4-7) delivers lower CG and a highly responsive face for easier to hit, higher launching long irons.
  • A cavity back design in the mid to scoring irons (8-PW) delivers more accuracy on approach shots.
  • A specialty wedge design in the GW, SW, and LW provides improved feel and precision around the greens.

Lo-Pro Construction with Progressive CG:

  • Variable hosel lengths strategically positions the CG (Center of Gravity) locations for optimum launch, speed, and forgiveness through the set.
  • Lower profile long irons, with shorter hosels, lower CG for improved launch and forgiveness.
  • Progressively taller hosels in the scoring irons increase CG for improved trajectory control and accuracy into greens

Cobra Connect:

  • COBRA CONNECT™ uses advanced shot tracking technology to provide in-depth statistical analysis so you can easily record and track your improvements.

Progressive Spin Technology:

  • CNC milling delivers more precise groove structures for optimum spin and trajectory characteristics from your long irons through your wedges.
  • In the 4i-7i milled V-grooves reduce spin for maximum distance and flight time
  • In the 8i-PW milled U-grooves optimize spin for improved control and accuracy
  • In the GW-LW tighter-spaced wedge grooves deliver increased spin for more precise shots.

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