Glide 2.0 Wedge

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The Glide 2.0 Wedges are only able to be purchased in-store.

The Ping Glide 2.0 Wedges feature new sharper edged grooves to help create more spin and more precise shots.

An extremely precise wheel-cut milling process enables the Glide 2.0 Wedges' grooves to have a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the cover of the ball at impact, which in turn creates more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.  The shape and size for the grooves in the lower loft wedges (46*-52*) have been specifically engineered to enhance performance on fuller shots while the grooves in the higher loft wedges (54*-60*) promote better performance for half and partial shots.

The grooves on the Glide 2.0 wedges are spaced closer together allowing for an extra groove on the low loft wedges and 2 extra grooves on the high lofted wedges.  The heads of the Glide 2.0 wedges are constructed from soft, 431 stainless steel and feature the same hydropearl chrome finish used on the original Glide wedges.  The hydropearl finish repels moisture for more friction to increase spin and prevent fliers.

4 sole grinds are featured throughout the Glide 2.0 loft spectrum (Standard Sole - SS, Wide Sole - WS, Thin Sole - TS, Eye Sole - ES) which allows you to choose the right sole to fit your divot depth, attack angle and most common turf conditions.  Ping's proprietary Dyla Wedge Grip is 3/4" longer than their standard grips allowing for more versatility in shot making around the greens.

The fetaures of the Glide 2.0 Wedges include:

  • Sharper edge radius
  • Grooves are shape and size specific to lofts
  • Grooves are spaced closer together to enable extra grooves to be added for more spin
  • Soft 431 stainless steel heads
  • Hydropearl chrome finish to repel moisture and increase spin
  • 4 sole grinds - SS, TS, WS, ES
  • Dyla wedge grip
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