MD3 Milled Chrome Wedge

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The Callaway MD3 Milled Chrome Wedges are designed to offer the maximum versatility for whatever shot you encounter on the course.  They feature 3 grinds which each offer distinct features depending on the way that you swing, where you play and the type of shots you try to hit.  The S Grind is the most versatile sole grind and can be used for all types of course conditions, swings and shot types.  The C Grind is designed for maximum versatility around the green as well as firmer course conditions.  Extra heel and toe reliefe in the C Grind helps to keep the leading edge lower when opening the face up.  The W Grind uses a slightly wider sole and is great for softer course conditions or if you have a steeper angle of attack into the ball.  It is also the best options for standard or soft sand conditions or shots out of the rough.

To help create the most spin for each shot, the MD3 wedges feature 3 types of grooves which are used throughout the lofts.  Wedges up to 52* use grooves designed for fuller shots where there is a steeper angle of attack into the ball.  Wedges with 54* and 56* lofts use grooves which are designed to offer the most spin on full and bunker shots.  Finally the grooves in the 58* + 60* wedges offer the most spin for shots out of the rough or around the greens.  A tour inspired design creates confidence at address and the weight ports which have been driled out of the back of the wedge offer designers the flexibility to reposition weight for the best results possible.

The features of the MD3 Milled Chrome Wedges are:

  • 3 grinds to suit each individuals shot and swing style as well as course conditions - S Grind, C Grind and W Grind
  • 3 types of grooves used designed specifically to give each loft the best performance for the type of shots typically hit
  • Tour inspired shape
  • Weight ports in the back offer flexibility to designers to reposition weight for the best shot results
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